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Menopause, this may come as a shock to business leaders…. you could face legal action.

Did you know that employers could face legal action if they fail to make “reasonable adjustments” for women who are experiencing menopause symptoms, under new guidance issued by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)?
(February 2024)
Or, that The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states that employers have a duty to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of their workers, which includes recognising and managing menopausal symptoms that may impact their ability to work.
MH1 Global  is holding a seminar to help employers navigate this landscape on 26th June at Bolton Arena.
Our mission to bring education, research, innovation and talking more in the mental health space makes us perfectly placed to host this event and break down barriers that have existed for years.
Your speakers June Potts MBA  and Amantha King  are leading experts in the workplace menopause space and will share their wisdom and experience to help and guide attendees by presenting realistic adjustments that can support colleagues on their menopause journey.
Meanwhile, Dr Nicole Green, who runs a specialist menopause clinic, will speak about her belief that ‘everybody has a different experience’ therefore a range of support, lifestyle changes and medical interventions should be considered.
This is an opportunity to listen and learn from experts who are working day after day  to help and educate companies as well as individuals who are experiencing this phase of the aging process.
Let’s not also forget those colleagues, relatives, clients and friends who are trying to understand this process too.
(Bet there are partners, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters out there who would love to know how to help to support their loved ones!)
You will walk out of the seminar wiser about the subject and armed with tools and information that will help you on both an  individual level as well as for your  organisation.

Ticket price £120.
Lunch and refreshments included.
For details of offers on bookings of 4 or more, please contact Lynne;
[email protected]

We are excited to announce our events lineup 2023 which will be updated as more dates are confirmed. From informative Zoom chats and stories, to face to face events, these are topical discussions around mental wellbeing. We invite you to join us as we work together to make a difference in the mental health of our community.

Past Events

During 2022 MH1 held a series of Zoom chats with guests which kicked off with Malcolm McPhail who shared his thoughts on the role of the leader in creating a culture of mental wellbeing – a well received session from which further discussions ensued.

Jenny Patrickson

MD of Active IQ  joined Lynne for ‘Back to the Future’ a journey through time and how education and training have adapted to the needs of the sector and its clients –MH1 are proud to deliver two of Active IQs courses as foundations to the development of the MH1 Coach Certification.

Rachel Holmes

Rachel Holmes shared her experience and thoughts on the role of the Group Exercise Instructor and mental health both from a personal and client perspective.

Helen Pamely

We heard from ex-law firm partner Helen Pamely about the challenges for her former colleagues in the mental health space and those facing us in the health and fitness industry. The focus for the session was burnout, hybrid working and imposter syndrome.

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Helen Tite

Helen Tite had attendees gripped by her ‘Menopause, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention‘ talk  – an emotive subject and one that we will certainly return to.

Ross Tomkins

Ross shared his insights and experience regarding Andropause – the male menopause, a subject that many of us have little knowledge of. His delivery of the subject was amazing….he talked us through his story and the signs and symptoms of this potentially debilitating stage of the male aging process.

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Mike Cooper

Our first Zoom chat of 2023 was with England and Wigan Warrior rugby player, Mike Cooper.
Mike had attendees gripped by his ‘lived’ story of growing up,  unbelievable challenges and how therapy, exercise and self care has helped him become an elite athlete in his sport.

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Jacqui Pope

Jacqui had some of our attendees close to tears as she told her story of her journey back from being held at gun point, building resilience, her business successes and how she cooed when she has a ‘wobble’.

Matt Wilson

Matt is a superhero finder personal trainer, life coach and public speaker whose mission is to show you just how powerful you are. As a competitive strongman, he has a good handle on strength but believes that strength comes not only from the body but from the mind too. He believes that many superpowers are already within you. Matt shared with us how has most recently embarked on his own mental health journey, healing after many traumas in his life including familial suicide and abuse. He is documenting his journey on anti depressants, determined to change the narrative and reduce the stigma on medical intervention for mental health.

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Ged Roberts

Ged told us briefly about his journey from schoolteacher, to musician, song writer and author of  3 books… the latest entitled ‘Think Amazing.’ He shared his thoughts on. How to be the best version of yourself. Feel better about yourself and other people. Feel better about the mental challenges you face day-to-day. He had the attendees enthralled with his question and answer to; ‘Do I really have to think about it like that’

Charlotte Maidment

Lynne chatted to Charlotte Maidment  about the history behind the release of her book and her quest for it to reach as many people as possible.
• This is the journey of her ‘lived experience’ during the mental ill health of her husband, Steve.
• The periods of hospitalisation.
• The toll it took on her personally.
• How ‘The Book of Hope’ evolved (with Steve’s input), to be a refreshing tool and ‘go to’ resource.

The Book of Hope is now one of MH1’s recommended resources for the MHQ training.

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